The passion for online sports betting in Sweden

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As in many European countries, the online sports betting industry has been very prosperous in Sweden. Bookmakers were present in large numbers on the market until the restriction by the Swedish authorities and the worldwide pandemic. As a direct consequence, bookmakers withdrew, and Swedish people lost interest in betting on sports. However, there is a surge of interest from punters with the advent of Euro 2020.

What is the reason for this?

The history of online sports betting in Sweden

Online sports betting has captured the hearts of many Swedish people by providing them with many opportunities to win. Their position in the gambling market is no coincidence.

Beginning with clubs

The online gambling industry in Sweden is largely based on matches in several leagues. The creation of different divisions in soccer considerably contributed to the success of gambling. Sweden has at least four divisions on which bookmakers offer betting.

However, the interest of online gambling lovers in Sweden is not only related to soccer matches, in reality. Bettors are much more interested in the different winning opportunities they are likely to get.

Bonuses offered by online bookmakers

In the beginning, the online sports betting industry was free in Sweden. No law imposed any rules on bookmakers or sports betting sites. They took advantage of this to offer attractive bonuses and immense sums of money to bettors. The competition in this sector was based on these two elements.

In addition to the bonuses offered to bettors, online bookmakers offered club promoters and other players various leagues and advantages. This gradually led to match-fixing and all kinds of fraudulent practices.

The decline of sports betting in Sweden

The massive frauds recorded on the different matches led the Swedish authorities to react in a firm way to change the face of the championship.

The Law of restriction

This bill came into effect on January 1, 2019. It prohibits licensed bookmakers from limiting the number of bonuses offered to bettors. In addition to this, certain taxes are imposed on bookmakers operating in Sweden.

With this law, sports bettors are showing less and less interest in top Swedish sports betting sites. Those who continue to play prefer to bet on bookmaker sites that do not have a license. This choice is not without reason. These unlicensed bookmakers offer more advantages than the licensed ones:

  • Multiple bonuses
  • Higher odds
  • Interesting promotions
  • No self-exclusion tax

Unlicensed bookmakers are the star of the online betting industry in Sweden, and they are very popular with players.

The advent of the Pandemic

Another reason for the decline of best sports betting sites in Sweden is the health crisis related to the pandemic. The containment, which led to a severe economic crisis, significantly reduced the financial capacity of sports betting players. Moreover, due to the pandemic, the government had suspended all sporting events.

In addition to the financial crisis, the lockdown has disrupted the habits of many people around the world. This is the reason for the decrease in interest in sports betting until the participation of the Swedish national soccer team in the Euro 2020 held this summer 2021.

Passion revival thanks to Euro 2020

According to Swedish Sports betting comparison site, online sports betting has revived with the organization of Euro 2020. The event was postponed because of the pandemic and has sparked a lot of passion in Sweden. The participation of the Swedish national soccer team has caught the attention of the whole population.

Additionally, the team's players have received a lot of media attention, and sports betting sites have been advertising their games.

To allow the bettors to renew their passion, bookmakers have not skimped on means and strategies. Registration bonuses are offered to new players by unlicensed bookmakers. Moreover, they provide higher odds for each game played by the Swedish team.

Sports betting in Sweden: which bookmakers to choose?

The choice of a bookmaker in Sweden depends on the objective and the risk you are willing to take. If unlicensed bookmakers offer more bonuses and high odds, they do not provide enough guarantees than licensed bookmakers.

On the other hand, licensed bookmakers ensure reliable transactions, and the winning opportunities are not taxed. In addition, you can access the site in the Swedish language, which is not the case with unlicensed bookmakers.

With this being said, the best bookmakers in Sweden are Unibet and Betsson.